Saturday, August 3, 2013

Disconnected movie review

Cast: Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Michael Nyqvist, Alexander Skarsgard, Max Thieriot
Director: Henry Alex Rubin 
Running time: 1 hour and 55 minutes
  The movie follows three different storylines ,with each one having as a plot point the dangers of the internet. The first story is about a young guy that is involved in a sex trafficking via webcams organisation and that is approached by a reporter who wants to interview him about it.The second story is about a teenager who gets catfished through social media and is humiliated by two boys in his class.And the last story is about a couple whose personal information are stolen and used by someone else.
  The movie is very powerful and full of emotions.The characters are genuine and react like real life people.As the minutes go by the viewer learns more and more about each story and gets more and more involved emotionally with every character and what they go through.Every person in the movie has a serious problem and they all try to solve it like humans,which isn't always perfectly.By the end i was all in.I really enjoyed how in all three stories the lead roles realised that there were more problems with their families and their lives than the cyber problems that they came across recently.It wasn't only that the couple had their identities stolen but how they couldn't communicate after the death of their child or it wasn't how the teenage boy was humiliate but how the whole family wasn't functioning as it should or how the young boy had been involved with sex trafficking but what he was going to do about it now.The film was a depiction of everyday life situations and i loved it.
  Even though i enjoyed the movie very much i did have trouble with some things.First of all, the storyline involving the couple was a little weak in the begging because while in other story the problems the character faced with the web were life-altering serious,here it was about money.That made me care a little less about them.However,i have to say that that changed as we got further in the story but i wish it had started out strong from the begging.Also, in the story with the teenagers two of the kids did something really bad which resulted in something worse and although one of the kids did get hit, by mistake i believe, for it neither of them had the consequences they deserved.Moreover, in the same storyline the kid was hit had many problems with his father which by the end of the film were solved too quickly in my opinion.Finally, i didn't like the way the movie was shot.At some points it took my mind from focusing to the stories.And there was one scene that was played out in slow motion and even though it was a very powerful and emotional scene the slow motion made it cheesy and annoying.
  In conclusion, i strongly recommend this movie.It is very touching and talks about real life problems that could affect anyone.One of the best movies of the summer.


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